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2-deck blackjack, also known as double-deck blackjack, is played with two decks and the dealer hits on a soft 17. The rules of 2-deck blackjack may be slightly different from one casino to the next.

Blackjack Dealer Hits On Soft 17 We have charts for the four most common blackjack rule sets.The soft 17 rule is a rule that requires the dealer to hit on soft 17. For many blackjack players, this rather innocuous rule doesnt seem like a big deal, but thePokerblackjack dealer hits on soft 17 Helpful … do blackjack dealers in vegas hit on a soft 17? | Yahoo Jun 15, 2010 · Best Answer: Shore dude misspoke. NO casinos hit on hard 17. They all stand. As a lot of others have stated, it is a matter of house rules and is stated on the table whether they hit soft 17. This is one of the ways the house sets it's advantage. By the way, Dealer stands on soft 17 is more advantageous for Blackjack: Dealer Hits Soft 17 - Blackjack - Gambling

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Blackjack: Dealer Hits Soft 17 - Blackjack - Gambling Oct 21, 2014 · Blackjack: Dealer Hits Soft 17. The Wizard says on the WoO blackjack BS page: Quote: If you play a mixture of six-deck games, some where the dealer hits a soft 17, and some where he stands, and you only wish to memorize one strategy, I would recommend you memorize the one where the dealer stands on soft 17. The cost in errors due to playing ... When to hit on 17 in blackjack | Blackjack Tips Jan 08, 2015 · The most common rule is the dealer is required to stand on all 17s, which reinforces the importance of a player not to take a hit on a 17. Some games and casinos enlist the rule of dealer hitting on a soft-17, which will increase the house edge against the player by by about 0.22 per cent. Most experienced blackjack players know a 17 hand

Multi-Deck blackjack is played with four decks or more andand this Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart below is where the dealer will hit on soft 17.. Each casino may use a slightly different version of the rules for multi-deck blackjack.

Convenient wallet-sized plastic blackjack basic strategy card. Perfect strategy for the 4, 6, or 8 deck blackjack game where the dealer hits soft 17.

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Play blackjack for real money at Bodog. Try European Blackjack, Perfect Pairs, Zappit Blackjack and more. Bodog is your No. 1 stop for the best in real money blackjack. Blackjack Chart, Cheat Sheet, & Strategy Chart: How to Play Blackjack Chart shows which strategy chart should be used for which rules. We have charts for the four most common blackjack rule sets. Dealer hits on soft 17's Archives - These are things like what you can do with splitting pairs, what cards you are allowed to double on, whether the dealer has to hit on soft 17’s. These are important for two reasons, firstly playability and second because restrictive … MGM Casino Blackjack Review – Blackjack at MGM Las Vegas