What is a stiff hand blackjack

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Jul 24, 2015 · Stiff Card - a card ranked from 2 to 6, which may force the dealer to hit. Stiff Hand - any hand totalling 12-16, which will bust on a 10-value card hit. Surrender - option of a player to forfeit half his bet after the dealer checks for blackjack.

Lucky Stiff - Paradigm Table Games stiff hand (hard 12 - 16). Blackjack resumes in the normal manner and a qualified stiff wins if you beat the dealer on the main bet. Ties push. ... Lucky Stiff ... Splitting Cards in Blackjack - BlackjackGala.com According to the basic Blackjack strategy, a pair of 5s should never be separated – keeping them together is a terrific chance to Double Down and acquire a stronger hand, like 18 or up. Should you decide to split this pair, a hand with a higher probability of busting could be dealt, the so-called “stiff” Blackjack hand.

Lucky Stiff - Lucky Stiff is an optional side bet that the player will eet a Blackjack or a stiff hand. The bet wins immediately if the player is dealt a Blackjack or a stiff pair (66, 77, 88) and qualifies to win if the player is dealt an unpaired stiff hand.

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Universal Strategy for Blackjack - Casino News Daily Explanation of universal blackjack basic strategy plays. Hard 17, Soft 17, soft hands above 17, hard hands above 17 and stiff hands, when to double down, ... Lucky Stiff Blackjack - Wizard of Odds 13 Sep 2016 ... After the initial player hand evaluation, the blackjack hand resumes in the normal manner. Remaining Lucky Stiff wagers will win, lose or push ... Learn to Play Blackjack - Big Fish Blog When playing multi-deck blackjack, the dealer then deals each player two ... If you have a stiff hand (the total of your first two cards is worth between 12 and 16  ...

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